The Infinite wisdom of Emil Fortunato

granfatherMy Grandfather literally came over on the boat as a young child. The young Italian spent his life as a family man, entrepreneur, and volunteer. I am fortunate to still have him as part of my life and get to partake in the wisdom of this 95 year old man. So a couple years ago he tells me “Kenny, make sure you give back to the seniors.  They built the roads, bridges, tunnels, etc (infrastructure) that you enjoy today.”

So with that advice I started volunteering for the Eastern Area Agency on Aging EZ fix program.  EZ Fix is a fee-for-service program available to seniors over 50 and people with disabilities.  The best part of the program is that the money raised supports low-income seniors who need help but can’t afford to pay the full rate.

I have been on several jobs with this program and I have met some great people.   If you are handy and wish to give back, you should consider volunteering for the EZ Fix program.  Call the EAAA in Bangor for more information.

Pic:  Madeline, Ken and Emil